Good day or Bad day it’s your choice.

good-day-bad-day2Good days and bad days

Yesterday was a great day, I thought today would be the same

Today didn’t start so well…

I had a couple of mishaps this morning that started my day badly. Firstly I woke up with a terrible headache, my son couldn’t find his homework, I spilt cereal all over the kitchen floor, I received a reminder letter regarding a bill I had forgot to pay and to top things off I had a million and one things running through my head that I had to do, I could have very easily of gone back to bed and stayed there for the day. Luckily I knew I had choice to either do exactly that or to make some changes to my behaviour and thoughts, whilst recapping on the mornings events it came to light that things were not so bad and decided to change the way i was thinking about my day.

There will be days when you think that everything is going well and exactly as you had planned which help you feel successful and happy equally there will be times when you feel like nothing is going right and its a bad day. Whatever you chose to focus on will grow so if you choose to focus on the things that haven’t gone well chances are it will continue that way.

Be kind to yourself, noticing what is happening and behave flexibly, help yourself by choosing to do things that will make your day work well for you and those around you even when perhaps things aren’t going as you would like them to.

learn lessons from the times we fall down take responsibility for your thoughts & actions.

See good in your day and be grateful that you woke up this morning with the opportunity to choose how you spend your day, the sun will rise again tomorrow

I’m off to get tick off more of those jobs that need to be done!

I’m choosing to spot the good and create a good day.

Bye for now.

Build that Muscle of mindfulness

Building Mindful muscle.

Things get so busy in our personal and professional life our minds sometimes race with all the things we have to do as well as all the things we haven’t done,we think about how we could have done and things differently and create visions in our minds as to what our future may hold. Thinking about our past and future can have a very positive effect on our wellbeing however it can also have the reverse effect depending on what we are thinking and the emotions it triggers, its called story telling in the mind.

So when our heads are racing and were creating unhelpful stories in our minds stop and breath,take a moment to notice what is happening practice being present and use your five senses
what do you you hear screenshot_2016-09-24-12-25-21
What can you feel
What can you smell
What can you see
What can you taste this will bring you into the present moment

Then ask the all important questions

Is what I’m thinking about helpful to me.

Am I being unkind to myself

What can I do about whatever it is that I’m thinking about.

If it’s a possibility to take action straight away go for it alternatively decide a date and time you are able to take action then let the situation go.

There are so many benefits if you practice this very simple development tool

helps reduce stress
helps focus
helps us listen to others and yourself
helps build good solid trusting relationships
It helps you slow down and appreciate what you have.

Start practicing building YOUR mindful Muscle

For more details regarding Talk Enterprise “Buzz development Workshops/ programmes please do contact me for more details.

Have a great day folks.


Preparing Tomorrows Adults


Academic achievement is important as well as understanding different employment sectors & skills required.

Young people seeing and hearing about career opportunities that are unfamiliar to them  opens their eyes to the many and great possibilities for their future motivating them to stay in school and achieve their personal best. Learning first-hand from professionals in the community is extremely valuable and often makes a real difference in the young people’s lives

Business people enjoy the benefits that come from recognition of their efforts to increase student achievement and have very often said that they have learnt so much from the students, teachers & schools.


As a business person, your career can be developed by extending yourself into the classroom gaining many skills including presentation, public speaking & organisational skills, oh and certainly an appreciation for the challenges and rewards of teaching.

Students really appreciate businesses coming into their school & learning  that the community cares about education and  academic success. It has been recognised that  students like to listen & speak  to people from business, enjoying seeing new faces, hearing  real story’s regarding business sectors, jobs, skills & qualifications required for certain careers. Investing your businesses or employees time preparing students for their adult lives will benefit you.

You will gain valuable knowledge regarding how much schools and students know about your industry as you need a workforce that is knowledgeable and prepared, so making this connection with students encourages career choices that will benefit your sectors business.

So why not have a go at “making things real” for our young people.

And remember….

Being recognised as a company or organisation that values education is  great for your employees as they get an opportunity to get involved, your community and customers with have respect for you as you care about our young people and their future.

We work with businesses helping them to prepare speeches for schools,

Mini Workshops,

Interactive career stands.

Transition programme for organisations taking on work experience staff or a new apprentice creating a development plan that will work for you & your young person.

Do get in contact – Tel 01603 516505 or email

Hobbies and their benefits.

Having a hobby is fun and can greatly inprove your life, it can be a stress reliever, help you balance work/ home life & unite you with other people with similar interests.

Hobbies build skills that are useful in your personal & working Life.   There are many skills you can develop such as Decision making, Confidence,Time management,Strategic thinking, Motivation, Flexibility & Organisational skills, these are just a few examples, there are many many more. All of these skills are mostly developed without you realising & whilst having fun.

Next time you are thinking about the skills you have, think about your your hobbies and the skills you use. This can be  a very handy exercise when putting your CV together, applying for a job or becoming self employed.

Have fun!




Who are YOU?

Who are you?

It’s not a trick question…

Some of us  don’t spend enough time getting to know ourselves, however, there are so many benefits if you do give yourself time  personally and professionally, 

We do not get to know ourselves simply by growing up and old. Knowing yourself is a conscious effort, we do it with intention and purpose.

We ask young people many times ” What do you want to be when you grow up?” another way to ask is “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Some of the important things that are helpful to know about ourselves are:-

Our strengths – these are what makes us stand out from the crowd

Our core values – What we deem as important

Our passions – What we love

Our goals – What we want to achieve for our lives

NOT KNOWING becomes obvious sooner or later. A quiet frustration can live with you if you do not take the time to get to know yourself.

You can ignore it…or YOU can get started! 

This is me programme in an inspiring programme to help people understand and get to know themselves in a fun comfortable & enjoyable environment supporting people through the transition to change.

A great programme for students, employees & Individuals wishing for 1-1 sessions

To find out more regarding Talk Enterprises programmes please feel free to contact me


Who am I



Getting a Mentor

If you want to develop, climb the ladder within your organisation, change or start a new career, finding a mentor would be a good idea for you.

A Mentor is someone who possesses the wisdom only experience can provide, someone who cares and will look after your interests not just their own.

Find someone who has the same/similar career as your own or has a  career that you would like to be in.

Make sure that the mentor is the right person for you, some questions you may like to ask yourself or perhaps the person you have in mind.

What could I learn from this person?                                                                          mentor image

How can they maximize my potential?

Does their mentoring style fit me?

Choose a mentor with goals that are similar to your own. An ideal mentor will work at the same organisation, own their own business, have the same interests as you or be in the industry you would like to be join, they are great and can certainly be very helpful when starting a new job, responsibility or even a hobbie  they show you the ropes and give you advice and encouragement.

You must be prepared to learn from your mentor so speak to them about their successes and failures and ask them for there support to help you grow, they will give you advice and encouragement.

So it is said that most successful people have had at some point a mentor in their career.

“To acquire knowledge one must study. To aquire wisdom one must observe ” Marilyn Vos Savant

Thanks for reading.


Achieving your hopes, goals and dreams.

If you talk to successful people they generally have a recipe for success :-


Make your Dreams your goals, If you were told you you couldn’t fail what would you go for?

This could be something large or small, start small if you are not used to trying new things.

If you really want it, you will have a deep desire – Every bit of you has to want it, this is your driving force

Visualization- Picture your goal in your mind, see and feel as if its already happening

Positive – Be positive you can’t really afford to many negative thoughts when looking to achieve your goals.

Take Steps – Make sure you take daily steps towards your goal, even the smallest something gets you closer to achieving.

Setbacks- These are normal & everybody has them, keep focused on your desired outcome and find another way.

Practice – Were not always good at everything we do first time, so don’t give up, we become better at things the more we practice

Patience-  Be kind to yourself and enjoy !

If you want to know more about goal setting & steps to achieving them, please get in contact for more details.








First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count

Before you go to your job Interview, work experience etc take some time to think about how you appear to others and what sort of Impression you would like to create.

We all have one chance at creating a good first Impression so it’s well worth giving every first encounter your very best shot as these impressions are made very quickly and they do tend to stick.

In the first 10-40 seconds of meeting 90% of all people will form an opinion of you.

50% on how you are dressed

38% on how you physically present yourself

7% on what you say

So…It’s down to you to make the best first Impression.

Dress to impress, make the most of yourself, dressing well makes sense along with good grooming. ( clean and fresh, hair brushed, teeth clean etc)

Positive body language firm hand shake, good eye contact  & always remember to Smile.

Looking good helps you feel good.

Feeling good creates a positive frame of mind so is more likely to bring you positive results.


Good Luck







Be a Winner

Winning isn’t always about getting what you want the first time, Winners take personal responsibility for themselves & anticipate success, to develop a winning attitude we just need to check out  how we deal with things that happen to us in our day to day lives.

Someone with a winning attitude sees even a crisis as an opportunity & a mistake as a chance to learn useful lessons, remember we can all be winners by taking responsibility for our thoughts & actions, making things happen and by being kind to ourselves

“Losers visualise the penalties of failure. Winners visualise the rewards of success “Dr Rob Gilbert.





Are you Intelligent ?


Are you intelligent ? The answer is YES yes yes, everytime .

Everybody is intelligent, we all have an amazing brain, we all have preferred methods of taking in new information, so next time you catch yourself thinking I’m not clever, I can’t do it or I can’t be bothered just remember you have billions of neurons that are going to waste. I cannot ever stress enough that we are ALL Intelligent. There are different types of intelligences thankfully, how boring would life would be  if we were all the same ! Sometimes the challenge is to find out our strengths & understand the best way in which we learn, once we know this and understand ourselves better there should be no excuses…So let’s not under use our brains as they have awesome capabilities.

IF you don’t use it …you will loose it !!

Lets work on growing our minds by thinking positively, understanding our learning styles, being enterprising ,eating heathily, exercising ,smiling , laughing  & enjoying life !

To find out more please do get in contact.

Enjoy your day,