TALK ENTERPRISE Buzz Programme’s/ sessions/Workshops:-

We work with schools, colleges, charitable organisations to prepare students for life and the world of work through personal development, careers, transition and creative days, all tailored to the young people’s needs.

  • Work Experience enterprise days
  • Employability Buzz Sessions/ workshops
  • Wellbeing sessions
  • Curriculum activities
  • Assemblies, school speaker, events e.g. business breakfasts (with students as part of their development) event management
  • After school clubs
  • PHSE activities


Our student programmes are designed to help young people be happier healthier and successful in their school, personal and working life. 

This is Me programme is a mixture of topics that you can choose to develop a personalised development programme for your students covering things such as courageous conversations, packaging and developing yourself, being assertive, Leadership qualities, dealing with difficult situations/people.

Presentation Skills Removing the cloak of invisibility and helping the students create simple formula’s  helping the students to delivery clear, straightforward, enjoyable presentations.

Wellbeing – Understanding ourselves and our emotions. Suitable for all year groups. We have many topics you can choice from.

Transition days: – To help students feel comfortable with change e;g Moving to High school, Integrating students into mainstream education. Focusing on things such as personal responsibility, empathy, motivation, persistence.

Enterprise days: – “Design a hat” or a” Product called positivity” both of these days are fun and students work within teams. We focus on certain Key Skills throughout the day, the students will recognise and know them all by the end of the day. The perfect programme to match writing a CV.

Employability day focusing on  CV’s, Interviews, key skills employers are looking for, first impressions and as always an Enterprise activity.

Event planning workshops

We are very keen for students to develop and identify their own skills, event planning is an excellent way to recognise and develop key skills and is a great experience as well as perfect for putting on a CV.

This is a 6-week course delivered within or after school focusing on certain subject areas to enable students to plan organise and put on an event within the school.

Newest Buzz workshop “The Secret World of Teens” for Parents and Carers. 

BUZZ Child Poster A5 SJF2

All of the programmes are flexible and adaptable to suit your needs.

These programmes are packaged to deliver hourly Buzz sessions half day/ full day programmes.

These programmes  help support and underpin parts of the National curriculum areas such as careers, PHSE, Citizenship, Work experience and enterprise education

Book a time to see how we can work with your school/organisation.