Good day or Bad day it’s your choice.

good-day-bad-day2Good days and bad days

Yesterday was a great day, I thought today would be the same

Today didn’t start so well…

I had a couple of mishaps this morning that started my day badly. Firstly I woke up with a terrible headache, my son couldn’t find his homework, I spilt cereal all over the kitchen floor, I received a reminder letter regarding a bill I had forgot to pay and to top things off I had a million and one things running through my head that I had to do, I could have very easily of gone back to bed and stayed there for the day. Luckily I knew I had choice to either do exactly that or to make some changes to my behaviour and thoughts, whilst recapping on the mornings events it came to light that things were not so bad and decided to change the way i was thinking about my day.

There will be days when you think that everything is going well and exactly as you had planned which help you feel successful and happy equally there will be times when you feel like nothing is going right and its a bad day. Whatever you chose to focus on will grow so if you choose to focus on the things that haven’t gone well chances are it will continue that way.

Be kind to yourself, noticing what is happening and behave flexibly, help yourself by choosing to do things that will make your day work well for you and those around you even when perhaps things aren’t going as you would like them to.

learn lessons from the times we fall down take responsibility for your thoughts & actions.

See good in your day and be grateful that you woke up this morning with the opportunity to choose how you spend your day, the sun will rise again tomorrow

I’m off to get tick off more of those jobs that need to be done!

I’m choosing to spot the good and create a good day.

Bye for now.