Teresa Kelly Founder of Talk Enterprise 

Teresa  has a wealth of experience with a creative background studying Art, Psychology & worked many years in financial services, Teresa say’s” It used to seem such a funny mixture although I always enjoyed the people element of work I have done previously, even in my Art I love to draw Portraits & gain an enormous amount of satisfaction when I bring the face to life! 

Teresa worked within financial services  for 15 years in customer service and training new recruits. After a shuffle within the company and the call centre outsourcing, she moved  on to work with the personal and professional development industry working with many organisations managing delivering writing various programmes & organising events.

Finally after many years of developing other people’s businesses Teresa decided to set up her own business continuing the work she had always done.

Teresa very much believes in working in collaboration with other organisations as this is one of the keys to her success.

Teresa has built many great relationships with Norfolk and Suffolk Schools, Businesses, Charities & Community organisations.