Preparing Tomorrows Adults


Academic achievement is important as well as understanding different employment sectors & skills required.

Young people seeing and hearing about career opportunities that are unfamiliar to them  opens their eyes to the many and great possibilities for their future motivating them to stay in school and achieve their personal best. Learning first-hand from professionals in the community is extremely valuable and often makes a real difference in the young people’s lives

Business people enjoy the benefits that come from recognition of their efforts to increase student achievement and have very often said that they have learnt so much from the students, teachers & schools.


As a business person, your career can be developed by extending yourself into the classroom gaining many skills including presentation, public speaking & organisational skills, oh and certainly an appreciation for the challenges and rewards of teaching.

Students really appreciate businesses coming into their school & learning  that the community cares about education and  academic success. It has been recognised that  students like to listen & speak  to people from business, enjoying seeing new faces, hearing  real story’s regarding business sectors, jobs, skills & qualifications required for certain careers. Investing your businesses or employees time preparing students for their adult lives will benefit you.

You will gain valuable knowledge regarding how much schools and students know about your industry as you need a workforce that is knowledgeable and prepared, so making this connection with students encourages career choices that will benefit your sectors business.

So why not have a go at “making things real” for our young people.

And remember….

Being recognised as a company or organisation that values education is  great for your employees as they get an opportunity to get involved, your community and customers with have respect for you as you care about our young people and their future.

We work with businesses helping them to prepare speeches for schools,

Mini Workshops,

Interactive career stands.

Transition programme for organisations taking on work experience staff or a new apprentice creating a development plan that will work for you & your young person.

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